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TelcoBill Manager

A predictability cloud based tool that helps business contain spend and budget of their Mobile, VoIP and Cloud usage in a single platform. API integration into service proviver

Fleet Management

Specialized platform for monitoring all types of fleets. Convenient way of cutting costs and increasing effectiveness. Real time tracking of assets, fuel usage, driver behavior

Cloud PBX

Never miss a business call with CNS Cloud based PBX Solution, with full feature rich functionality and ideal work from anywhere solution. Scalable from SME to Large Enterprise.

Fleet Analytics

A unique solution that can gather data from any existing tracking device. Combined with relevant cost data, the system performs real time analysis, on actual cost of operation .

Employee Productivity

Manage your employees KPI’s, the solution provides employer with productive / unproductive time together with Data usage across all applications.

Cloud Solutions

Remote / Onsite backup of data, Virtual / Dedicated Servers, Hosting (Public / Private), Security (Firewalls, Antivirus, Consulting). Cloud PBX.

Partners Huawei, MS Azure, Google Cloud, AWS.

Mobile Solutions

Total management of your mobile fleet, upgrades, new lines, optimization,  Voice, Data and APN.

New Contracts, smart mobile month to month SIM only deals.

Software Solutions

Customized Solution Development. O365 Supply and Installation, Security / Antivirus Solutions, supply all OEM / Vendor licensing and installation.

Fixed Line Solutions

Supply & Delivery of fixed line connectivity from dedicated or broadband fibre or microwave. Redesign of network to optimize / reduce costs.

Dedicated / Broadband.


Fully automated customer services agent for repetitive tasks available on Whatsapp or Website.

Hardware Solutions

Supply all brands of Laptops, Desktop, Servers, Printers, Switches, Networking Equipment and Peripherals. LAN Services, including Cabling, WiFi Solutions, CCTV,  On-Premise PABX. Managed Print Services.

IOT Solutions

IOT Device Management, CRM & Billing, manage IOT devices on a single platform.

Water & Electricity Meters supply, provisioning & monitoring of devices, with built in billing engine.

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